Immigration Reform 101

If you came Home and your Kitchen was flooding with the faucet running, overflowing onto the floor, through the house, would you first:
Grab a Mop?
Grab a Plunger?
Open the Doors to let the water out?
Or turn the faucet off.

One more point.

These folks are criminals. They are not immigrants. It is a misnomer to combine illegal and immigrant in a label. If they were immigrants, they would be legal. If or when any become US Citizens, they should never be allowed to vote. They have already flouted the laws by their behavior. They should not be involved in the law making process if they started off showing disrespect for the existing laws.

You must control the language of the debate to have any chance of winning the debate.

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  1. As to the ‘Separating Families’ allegations, Children under 18 should remain with their parents. If the child is a US Citizen they can return when of age.

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