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Displacement – Or how the hysteria of modern leftism, liberalism, progressivism, socialism, communism in our age is a manifestation of displacement. If an individual or group conjoined by a dogma feel as if control of their situation (relationship, path to nirvana, utopia or whatever) is not within their own reach, displacement leads them to control everything else they possibly can; in our modern form this is sometimes twisted into victimology and PC. They will attempt to control you and me whether we want ‘Nanny’ control or not. They will attempt to control all views conflicting with their dogma, all conflicting processes, all conflicting information, all conflicting new thought processes, all conflicting ideas, all, … all, … ALL views conflicting with their dogma. Never believe that there is no dogma to our post modern religions.

They will protect us all from ourselves and protect the fish, insects, dogs, cats, predators, viruses, bacteria, weeds, flowers, trees, oceans, seas, mud holes, estuaries (swamps), jungles (rain forests), surf, glaciers, ice bergs.

This is not just youthful naivete, the ‘intellect’ behind this reaction, and at the level of the individual it is a reaction, to the inundation of negative aspects at all quarters of our society, to the modern instantaneously communicated ills of human life world wide, the ‘intellect behind’ this reaction and behind the promulgation to the masses of ‘tragedy at all costs’ profits from this negativity, not only in a capitalistic sense but in the more primal sense of power. Power over the uninitiated, power over the young, power over the perceived naive (unbelievers), power over ‘enemies’ (unbelievers), power over the powerful, the ‘King Makers’, most important, a perceived power over the unknown. This is essentially a quest for a stable life in an unstable world, a retreat to the womb. Being a reaction without understanding of the stimulus it can usually be placed externally, blamed on someone else. In earlier societies this was the reason why a ‘Shaman’ had to interface with ‘the unknown’. Everyday people didn’t have time to feed their tribes and families and at the same time investigate each vicious anomaly tossed at them by ‘the gods’. In our time we have ‘progressed’ in far too many ways to a world full of folks with ‘too much time on their hands’. My guess is that the left is looking for a ‘Shaman’ again. Let’s not forget that they thought Stalin was a good answer to Hitler.

[Displacement (psychology)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In scapegoating, aggression is displaced onto people with little political power such as minority-group members.
In psychology, displacement is a subconscious defense mechanism whereby the mind redirects affects from an object felt to be dangerous or unacceptable to an object felt to be safe or acceptable. For instance, some people punch cushions when angry at friends; a college student may snap at their roommate when upset about an exam grade.
Displacement operates subconsciously and involves emotions, ideas, or wishes being transferred from their original object to a more acceptable substitute. It is most often used to allay anxiety.
Displacement can act in a chain-reaction, with people unwittingly becoming both the victim and perpetrator of displacement. For example, a man is angry with his boss, but he cannot express this so he hits his wife. The wife hits one of the children, possibly disguising this as punishment (rationalization). The child kicks the dog.
Though displacement is usually used to refer to the displacement of aggressive impulses, it can also refer to the displacement of sexual impulses.]

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