Harry Reid is into ‘Whale Oil Futures’

From Big Dog
Dr. Harry Reid; Coal and Oil Make us Sick

Posted on June 30, 2008

Harry Reid, the mental midget who runs the US Senate, has declared that coal and oil make us sick. According to the Wizard of Odd we humans take carbon out of the ground and put it in the air and it makes us sick and it causes global warming. The same Harry Reid who could not pour water out of a bucket if the directions were written on the bottom is using his vast intelligence to tell us that all the oil and coal that we use is making us sick.

Certainly, the process of combustion causes gases that can, in sufficient quantities, cause illness because, after all, the dose makes the poison (water is poisonous if you drink enough of it). However, we have been using these items for a very long time and we are not all keeling over and dying from noxious gases sweeping across the land. Oil and coal have no other purpose than what we use them for so it is reasonable to assume they are here for us to use just as we are.

In any event, the mortality rate for the United States is just over 8 per 100,000 and on the list of leading causes of death, I can’t find oil, coal or carbon listed so unless Harry has some super secret data, he is just pulling this out of his…, well now that I think about it his head is already there.

Harry Reid and his Democratic buddies, including Senator Hopenchange, constantly repeat that we cannot drill our way out of the high oil prices. Sure, and starving people can’t eat their way out of hunger [Ann Coulter]. It is impossible to tax your way to prosperity but that does not stop the Democrats from raising taxes. This mantra about not drilling out of problems is not catching on because a vast majority of people in this country want us to drill for our own resources. So, the Democrats have to think of some other reason to not allow us to drill. Thus, oil and coal make us sick.

Ten years ago they were saying it would take ten years to get any oil from ANWR. We would be getting it today if we started then. The answer is always the same though, we need to end our dependence on oil. I have no problem with that but these nimrods have not come up with an alternative in all the years they have been saying they will end our dependence. We cannot stop using fossil fuels until we have something that can take its place so it is in our best interests to drill for our own oil and continue using it until something better comes along. If we don’t we will be sitting here in another ten years still looking for an alternative to oil with millions of barrels sitting under our feet and below the surface of our water. Gasoline will be $20 a gallon and politicians will still be whining about alternative sources and ending oil dependence.

Harry Reid has no idea about the medical issues that accompany oil and coal use and global warming is a scam to increase profits for a select few in this country at the expense of dolts who buy into it. The reality is, oil and coal are much cleaner than they were a century ago and we use these products more efficiently. The life expectancy in our country has gone way up even though we use more oil and coal now than we did back then and the leading cause of death here is heart disease. Coal and oil, contrary to what Harry Reid says, are not making us sick (at least no more so than ever before) but I am willing to look at any credible study on the issue, Senator.

What is making us sick is paying more than $4 a gallon for gas and knowing that the money for it goes to countries that are hostile toward us while we ignore the huge supply of oil under our own property.

We are also sick of Democrats telling us we cannot drill. Come to think of it, we are just sick of Democrats in general.

Contrary to what people might think, we can vote our way out of that problem…

Big Dog

Big Dog is a guest writer at Stop the ACLU. His blog, Big Dog’s Weblog, deals with political and military issues as well as topical news.

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