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The Captain has passed

For those who appreciate ‘diversity’, this news just in. Nov 1, 2008 Key West, Florida. One of ‘The Old Ones’ Passed. Captain Tony, famous for among other things, his ‘Establishment’ on Green Street died Saturday. Well known in the lore of Cayo Hueso right there with Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, Mel Fisher and Doc Paine he […]

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Obamas Fundamental Change

Obama’s fundamental change I find it amazing as B. Hussein Obama speaks of a necessity of fundamental change to our 200 Year Old Government and hope for the future. As a supposed ‘Constitutional Scholar and Professor’ B. Hussein Obama seems to have missed the three, count them THREE methods that our Brilliant Founders included within […]

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    • It actually goes beyond that. Disabled Veterans who have had any head injuries can also be denied their 2nd Amendment…
      Uplander | 25Mar10 | More
    • I found this also on Michele Malkin’s Blog. Cool, Uplander.
      Mort | 8Jun08 | More
    • As to the 'Separating Families' allegations, Children under 18 should remain with their parents. If the child is a…
      Eino | 27May08 | More
    • The following Pol agrees: “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf…
      LZ | 14Nov07 | More
    • Wouldn't we all be better off if they went home and stayed there. Consider that. Maybe…
      Uplander | 29Oct07 | More
    • 'independently by an office in the United Nations that specializes in...' Whoever wrote that should be a…
      LZ | 24Aug07 | More
    • Tree Tings They're not immigrants, they're criminals by definition. Children of any citizenship belong…
      Uplander | 7Jun07 | More
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