The ‘Bailout’ is not About Saving The Auto Industry.

Yo, Detroit

Washington has what it takes to take what you have. Remember, they can’t give anybody anything until they take it from you.

These farces termed bailouts are no such thing.
The ‘Bailout’ is not about saving The auto industry. It’s about the collectivists bailing out the UAW.

It’s not about you.
It’s about the future of our country.
We don’t suffer losers well.
You need to understand that the only way the UAW is going to make meaningful concessions is under orders from a Bankruptcy Judge, with the threat of jail time over somebody’s head.
The Detroit sector of the auto industry, (it is by no means the whole American auto industry in relation to jobs), failed when they became non-competitive and didn’t voluntarily, internally restructure to again become competitive in the industry.

The damage has been done. The greed and stupidity of the last 40 or 50 years, by the unions, auto companies and Congress (The Union, Industrial, Congressional Complex) has taken a toll and as hard as it will be, the damage to the next generations will be less if we take the medicine now rather than later.

There are few if any Congressmen who have ever owned or can run a business, but that’s exactly what they are pretending that’s what they want to do. If I wanted to own an Auto Company, I’d buy stock.
When you hear the label ‘Too Big To Fail’ what is really being said by the corrupt politician or CEO is, ‘It’s too big to fail while I’m in office’. I’ve got news for you yahoos, the failure has already happened and you creeps are just trying to postpone the inevitable effects until they will be paid for by our Children and Grandchildren.

The real fix would be, scrap CAFE Standards, allow many safety mandates to be option upgrades, let UAW allow the auto workers of the Big 3 to settle for competitive overall compensation packages. The consumer will always let the market know what they want. It can’t be mandated from DC.
It needs to be ordered by a Bankruptcy Court. Chapter 11 is the answer that will move this along to a conclusion that in the long run will be good for the country.

Have they ever considered tying Health Care Insurance to Union Membership instead of Employment. Not everyone works, but Union Membership as long as you pay your dues can continue until death.

Can you name the last time a Government Program actually fixed anything, especially if the problem was caused by Government intrusion to begin with?

Some of the fallacies promulgated by the collectivists in this debate are only considered true because constant repetition; FDR fixed the Great Depression, Nazis were ‘of the right’.

The Great Depression would have been over by approximately 1937- 38 if not for FDR’s experiments in Progressive social policies, as it was, the Depression didn’t end until a war economy finally caused growth in 1943.

The Nazi Party of Germany were leftists in competition with Stalin’s Communist International. Stalin, through repetitious propagandizing convinced many that Nazis were instead of Nationalist Socialist Stateists, rightists so that they would be ostracized by the other leftists Stalin wished to control, because Nazis were ‘Nationalists’ first and at that point not interested in world domination. The Nazis were to the right of the major leftist progressive movement of the day, but well left of center.

These fallacies have been repeated so often by progressives for 60 years or more that they are accepted as truth. Repeat a lie often enough and…

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