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How Much Does It Take To Kill A Golden Goose?

I wonder if they may be poisoning a ‘Golden Goose’, Eh? No, of Course Not, The President wouldn’t allow the destruction of our foundations.

The currently proposed stimulus bill contains money to subsidize dairy farmers so that they can take their dairy cows out of production in order to drive the price of milk up.
(See FDRs AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) – Faced with the problem of overproduction of cotton and hogs, Secretary of Agriculture Wallace (1933) was obliged to order that 10 million acres of cotton be plowed under and that 6 million piglets and 200,000 sows be slaughtered to prevent their going to market. This would keep prices up by limiting supply. (Good theory, stupid application). During a time when folks were out of work and children were hungry, they killed ‘FOOD’, now they have us putting ‘FOOD’ into our gas tanks. We actually had to import Corn and Wheat because our farmers were being paid NOT to grow crops.) Let’s see, are they doing anything similar in 2009? Let’s see, are ‘They’ emulating FDR’s Failed New Deal I & II? The answer may surprise you, but the real purpose of this essay is to get you to open your eyes and learn how to research these dire questions with minimal help, hopefully before it’s too late to act. They don’t seem to teach that function in government schools anymore.

In general, Progressives say we need to spend over half of the $1 trillion+ stimulus (Porkulus) bill to help federal and state entities prevent government job cuts. This includes States which have chosen NOT To include in their state constitution a Balanced Budget Amendment and have spent monies they don’t have; (States can’t print money like theFED can).
These bureaucratic make busy positions do not create new product or Capital. Do you think we should continue supporting states and businesses that make bad decisions? They aren’t teenagers making their way out into the world for the first time. MPO (My Personal Opinion) is that they have also earned the right to FAIL.

We will see many of these new jobs though; they are going to need many employees at the new Unemployment Department Offices.

These will be Government Union employees who will of course VOTE TO CONTINUE THEIR EMPLOYMENT Situation. And we also need anti-hunting types to man the Department of Natural Resources in Michigan and other states.

In a 2007 speech at Harvard University, President Obama’s regulatory czar Cass Sunstein said we ought to eliminate hunting and the practice of eating meat.
What after all is a ‘Regulatory Czar’. I believe there was a previous Regulatory Czar in the 30’s. Wasn’t Himmler the name?

President Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, has argued that animals, this includes animals being used for medical research and animals that are hunted, should be entitled to initiate lawsuits with humans representing as their lawyers and guardians.
What after all is a ‘Regulatory Czar’, and is part of the job description, ‘ENHANCE THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR TRIAL LAWYERS’?

How much of this ‘Buy votes Early and Buy vote Often’ Package is really meant to enhance attorneys fees and ensure Democrat paid for constituents votes in 2010 & 2012?

Just how much does it take to kill a golden goose? Are they near the fatal dose yet?
Why is it every time President Obama opens his mouth, the World Markets Dump?
Do they realize Socialism only seems to work when there is a Capitalist Foil to play against?
Europe east and west are scrambling to adopt government and economies more like one that works and has outperformed theirs since inception.
Can we allow Giant Backwards Steps to the instability of 200 years in Europe?
You know what happens when you step backwards. You step in something you hadn’t anticipated and probably don’t like or want, it may even smell bad if you live in my world.

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