We Have Nothing To Love But Fear Itself

[Key Phrases]
Theology Of Narcissistic Elitism,
Death Of Dissent,
Controlling The Knowledge Of Civilization

February 17, 2009 a day that will live in Infamy. We have nothing to love but Fear itself.
We have been attacked from the Left in our Modern Financial Pearl Harbor. The problem being, this time our FDR is on the other side.

They Wish To Destroy What We Are.

They wish to destroy what we are, what we promised our children we would be, what our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles died and sacrificed for, what we’ve striven for, through many generations, many years, many lives, much sacrifice and through much ghastly bloodshed.
They wish to destroy what many of our Fathers, Mothers and Friends have bled for, anxiously, despairingly in great hope for the future of their Children and Grandchildren. Those progeny, and ours beyond this almost silly fleeting era are endangered by this new Theology of Narcissistic Elitism.
The death of dissent is encroaching. It smells of ‘The Pit’. This new Theology, from those who espouse a ‘separation between Church and State’, whose Dogma is ‘High Taxes and Large Centralized Government cures all’, is deeply involved in ‘Controlling the Knowledge and Progress of Civilization’, in an obstructive manner, essentially telling us that “you are too ignorant of the ‘nuances’ necessary to”:
live your lives;
educate your children;
save or plan for your own future;
maintain your health;
grow your food;
select your leaders;
protect yourselves from anything;
WITHOUT OUR MUNIFICENT GUIDANCE. This is the essence of the modern Progressive Movement. This is the Elitism of the modern Progressive.

It is frightening that they seem to have convinced near half of our population that these assertions are true.

We are a Capitalistic, Free Market Constitutional Republic.

That is everything Marx Hated.
(That sums up everything the Modern left Hates.)

The leadership of the Democrat Party is at best Marxist, demonstrably, more recently, Socialists on their way to Centralized Communist control of the populace and all attributes of daily life.

The leadership of the Democrat Party is completely copacetic with the destruction of what we are today and what we have been for generations. Can we all just sit and watch Propaganda Reality TV, drink some wine and accept what they are doing, let alone what they have done to our Constitution and the most advanced system of ‘Life’ put forward by mankind in all of recorded history?

[Key Words]
Collectivism, Progressive,elitism

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