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The Dragon’s Teeth of Empire; Revisited

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The Dragon’s Teeth of Empire
© 2008 C. R. Ellsworth

There’s been a resurgence of the Imperial elitism or Monarchist sentiment that was expunged by generations of revolution across the known world in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

There is a reason the Tsars, Caliphs, Kings, Queens and Aristocracies were deposed and dethroned, some decapitated. Common men had had their fill of the elitists’ assumptions that the elitists were needed because we were subhuman and incapable of running our lives.

This latest iteration of paternalistic, or let’s just say patronizing elitism is all the more disgusting because of the hidden ‘enlightened progressive despot’ factor that we had thought eliminated once George III and Napoleon’s Empires in the West had been reduced.

Are we supposed to accept George Soros as the new ‘Sun King’? He’s right just because, well just because we’re not nuanced enough to understand the intricacies of our true needs. Or maybe it’s the Clinton’s that are the new Royals, sent to save ourselves from ourselves as we cling to our Churches and Guns in bitter reaction to their offered glorious future. No, that’s right, it’s B. Hussein Obama that is going to save us, but he’s not a Royal, he’s a Messiah. Maybe he can save the world. If he could just get his wife to shut.

Maybe the new King is in Europe and we never really did get away. Maybe it took them this long to contrive a plan to disassemble our Constitution. They are too close to success, or somebody is too close to disassembling our Constitution.

They can’t seem to accept the idea that the US Revolution worked after great effort and the others failed. The French Revolution degenerated into terror and the Napoleonic wars, the strengthening of Russia as a precursor to their Bolshevik Revolution, which in my humble opinion didn’t work either. The Polish Revolt inspired by The American version was crushed and the country partitioned by Russia, Prussia and Austria. There’s more to a revolution than disposing of a despot or tyrant; it should be followed by an improvement in the condition of mankind, or at least in the condition of those seeking liberty.

In short we are told everyday by these elitists, through the State Controlled media and most insidiuous, the indoctrination centers known as Public Schools and Universities, that we’ve had it wrong all along, that we were a mistake that needs to be rectified for the good of man. Too many ‘useful idiots’ in our own country have bought into this defeatist guilt trip and should not be rewarded with power over other citizens.

My contention is that due to the success of our American Revolution and the boldness and courage of our founders in crafting The Constitution, our contributions to mankind have far exceeded the contributions any group could have been expected to make in two centuries had the sequence of American Ascension to a world power not developed as it has.

Our Constitution and these United States of America could have easily degenerated into two or three fractious confederations engulfed by any of the major forces of the last 200 years.

Through luck and the faith of our Founders in their work we lasted long enough to be hardened and steeled by Civil War and seasoned by global conflict into, to borrow a phrase, ‘Mankind’s Last Best Hope’.

Those that look on us as a mistake need to look closer at what their world would be like today if we hadn’t been around in the contentious years of the 20th Century. Do they really believe that they’d be living in a better world today? No doubt some would express that idea, but the delusions of this ‘Old Guard’ are at the root of this problem.

C R Ellsworth is CIO of I Work 4 U and has been writing online since 2000.

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  1. I found this also on Michele Malkin’s Blog. Cool, Uplander.

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