Inconvenient Lies

I just must comment on the totally dishonest representation of the new GDP figures.
Whatever the administration spins this to mean, the fact is that the ‘G’ in GDP stands for ‘Gross’. If you have ever been involved in business, retail, wholesale or any other form, you know that your ‘Gross’ figures as opposed to your ‘Net’ are completely different.

To arrive at any ‘Gross’ Figure, the ‘Negative’ components are converted to their opposite ‘Positive’ figures. These new figures are then added together with the ‘Positive’ figures, revenues etc, to produce a
‘Gross’ figure.
So, you ask, so what?
Negative becomes positive; under these progressives, the more ‘negative’, the more expense, the more government spending, the more indebtedness, the LARGER THE GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT.
So the more negative dumping of our money down the current rat hole the higher the GDP is.

In General ‘They’ can always use that stat that says the ‘Economy’ is growing even though they are spending nonexistent money on unproductive government jobs.

Do the math. New Government jobs are paid for by new taxes and the more ‘nonexistent’ money they spend, the higher the GDP. Then they blow smoke up our ass calling it growth when it’s only mortgaging more of our Grand Children’s futures.

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