AGW Kills

Even if the murder / suicide in The UK (End of Feb 2010) isn’t actually to be laid at the feet of Algore et al there is plenty of death and destruction that should be pinned on their fat butts. The diverted funds and resources wasted on this hoax, as with any major world wide hoax should have been committed to actual, real problems that can be addressed sanely, but rarely are because there are no big bucks involved.

Based on the assumption that the ‘Warming’ trend has NOT reversed there are some scenarios for which we can plan.
The fact that the Earth has been warming and may still be warming means that among other things, coastal communities, low lying islands and other effected areas should be planning their future, not whining to the UN and Algore.

Starving people on this globe need the crops that can be grown on newly thawed land as the temperate region expands to the north. Before this plenty can be utilized, transport, distribution and storage methods need to be improved greatly beyond our present condition or the food will be wasted as much aid to Africa is now.

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