Did the collective unconscious drive the music of the 60s Revolution? Maybe it was just early.

Have any other 60s survivors wondered or noticed?
Some of our music was very early. Maybe it’s time for another ‘Folk Scare’.
Monterey 67 was only a minor eruption of the counter culture into the Pop Music world. It had really begun much earlier.
Lately, in our present environment, with Revolution on various lips pointing to many different reactions to The Mid-Life Crisis of These United States of America I’ve been struck by many of our ancient anthems. You know, the ones where we protested against ‘The Man’ and ‘The Establishment’ when we knew what was best because we ‘Knew’.
As I mentioned, I’ve been struck. I’ve been struck by the realization of a new relevance in the output of our poets and prophets. Much of the absorbing music and stunning lyrics are now relevant again.
The Monster lives. As we developed our intellect thru the 50s, 60s and 70s we knew, we saw that something was wrong. Being young and Totally aware of truth and reality (As is every new generation) many of us reacted as youthful reactionaries are apt to do, in the methods available.
Looking now at lyrics of the time Dylan seems prescient, he said himself ‘I didn’t write that stuff. It just came out’.

How much was accumulated cultural wisdom unconsciously ejected, ejaculated misunderstood, unfathomable at the time of its collation and is it now coming to the fore? Is it to be re digested in modern terms, referenced to a modern polity?
Many of the warnings sounded in our poetry, music and natural understanding before our Education system was taken from us are beginning to ring again and echo through my life.
It may be a useful exercise for all of us Oldsters to refresh our memories; Read the lyrics. Listen; sometimes if you remember right it was hard to ‘Hear’ lyrics for whatever reason.
I’ve recently listened to Dylan’s ‘All Along The Watch Tower’; actually Dylan adopted the Jimi Hendrix arrangement. Many groups considered ‘Entertainment’ can be rediscovered. Although many of the groups were implemental in introducing leftist thoughts, many of the points made are relevant now.
Maybe we are all after all ‘Counter Revolutionaries’.

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