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Tea Party in Michigan

There was a fantastic Tea Party Rally at Chassell Centennial Park put on by CCUP (Concerned Citizens of the Upper Peninsula) Saturday, just before Tax Day. Live Blue Grass and great speechifyin’. Beginning, on a beautiful sunny UP day of 60 degree light winds, with the Pledge of allegiance followed by the reading of The Declaration of Independence. This was done by CCUP folks dressed in period costumes, Thomas Jefferson and Betsy Ross?

Jim Hafeman, candidate for Michigan’s 109th District seat in Lansing did the introductions and spoke first.

The next speaker up was the always Passionate C J Williams from Prickett Dam. C J is a master at connecting the dots as they say. She was in great form and her 10 -12 years of research and dot connecting helped her hit another home run Saturday. The Eyes were opening so ‘Fast and Furious’ I guess you could say that it sounded a bit like Champagne corks popping.

Her research and sourced information on Agenda 21, Wildlands Project and Sustainable development, reveal the subterfuge from their inception at Rio Summit 1992 to the upcoming Rio + 20 in June 2012. While always eye popping, her Knowledge was this day received in a way that can only be described as ‘Chilling’. This was not at all as a chilly reception, but as a sudden realization of the forces arrayed against our Republic; this sent a bit of a chill through the crowd. I was amazed at the number of questions by the crowd that expressed a level of trepidation previously unfelt by the citizens of Michigan’s beautiful UP. In my experience about 10 – 15 people are represented by each person that will stand in a public gathering and voice their true feelings like this.
We live in scary times. Not only scary for Myself, C J, Tom and many, but especially scary for the Youngsters and the Grandchildren to come. What kind of America will be left for them? Certainly not the one I grew up in during the 50s.

Next up was Matt Huuki, our most recent warrior sent to Lansing from my own 110th District. I become more impressed with Matt every time I hear from him or anything about him. For only being in Lansing since early 2011 he shows a great grasp of the tumultuous situation into which he was thrown. While Matt is a small business owner I think he would have been a great Educator . He can educate many of us as to the way things really work, while working diligently to make things work the way they ought to, eh? I was especially impressed with his explanation and visualization of the ‘Value add stream’ of Industry that we need to return fully to Michigan.
Matt and his lovely wife Janell are of a generation with irons in the fire so to speak. They are raising two beautiful little girls here in the UP. Two little ones that will inherit the America we leave behind for them and their Grandchildren.

I did get out of sequence here a bit. A Michigan Author spoke to us about the world we live in. John Bascom is from Michigan’s Lower Peninsula (If you are from ‘Under the Bridge’ we may call you a Troll, but in a good hearted way), and his new Novel, ‘Caine’s Pestilence’ sounds intriguing. In an alternate future (I hope) where Nancy Pelosi is POTUS and Liberal ideas reign…, well Read the book because the novel is humorous, but the vision could be disturbing.

Dr. Dan Benishek is our current, and I hope future, Michigan Representative for District One, while unable to attend in person, He sent a worthy representative to speak to the crowd and read a statement from Dr. Dan.
I hope to attend another CCUP event because this one was great and as my Grandmother used to say ‘A Good Time Was Had by all’.

There were other speakers that I regret missing at the rally as my time was limited and other activities could not be put off.

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