WE MUST STOP using the Narrative and Scenarios of the Left

Where Conservatives are failing in the philosophical confrontation with Progressives is in their lack of response on the fronts presented, rhetorical tricks and outright lies put up by the Progressive adversary.

Saul Alinsky was a Brilliant Evil, Anti Capitalist, Anti American Intellect. Never forget that.
Most of his followers though are useless idiot clones. They don’t really understand the Mob Psychology being used to keep them in line.
Alinsky’s methods in combination with The Cloward-Piven Strategy (Google it), are very destructive. Destruction actually is the goal. They believe that they can wrest control under the chaos of this destruction.

WE MUST STOP using the Narrative and Scenarios of the Left.
They always jump in early in any situation with the Narrative formed in their vernacular (lingo) using Scenarios that pose an assumed bias denigrating their adversary.
For Example:
‘But they were only pulled over in the first place because they were Brown (Or Black, or Gay, or Hispanic…) ‘
In Arizona and all along the Border Law Enforcement Interface with Illegals is more likely to be during investigation of Drug Interdiction, Human Smuggling, Crack Houses, or Burglary.
In the case of Human Smuggling the Coyotes (Smugglers) may have been holding 100 or more Illegals at gunpoint in a ‘Safe House’ while extorting MORE from relatives in Mexico at the same time enjoying the company of the smuggled young women against their will (Where is NOW?). If this Safe House is busted, everyone in the building needs to be identified. It’s very likely that most are illegal. In a recent case a coyote was busted with a 6 year old in their cargo that nobody claimed as their child. What’s to be done?

The assumption that traffic stops are the main action taken with illegals is ludicrous and it’s only used so that the ‘They were only pulled over because of their color’ line could be spewed to favorable State Run Media.

Personally my response to a supposed ‘Progressive Debating point’, which is never actually part of a debate. Few Progressives actually Debate, they spew talking points and labels of Racist, Sexist, Homophobe etc. Anyway my personal response once I recognize the other conversant as a useless Progressive idiot drone, is, subtly, slowly make the idiot understand, or at least present them with enough fact and reality that they may seek epiphany, My conversational side of the supposed debate is :

‘First of all your premise is Flawed. Your narrative is a Lie based on that flawed premise, and the Scenarios presented in support of these misconceptions are Ludicrous and Cartoonish.
Is there anything based in reality that you would like to discuss?’

These Premises, Narratives and Scenarios are very simple tactics and Conservatives need to develop counter measures. Just telling Harry Reid that he’s wrong is not a tactic, it’s an opinion. Pointing out to American Citizens that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi et al are basing their ideological tactics on Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ and the Cloward Piven Strategy is essential. It is best that Conservative activists learn the strategies and tactics of ‘The Adversary’ and develop, understand and present an opposing set of Premises, Narratives and appropriate scenarios. Don’t get hi-falutin. These concepts should be tailored to the American that until now has believed that those that were elected would go to Washington, Lansing, Tallahassee etc and do the job they were asked to do, leaving US back here in the hinterland FREE to raise our Children, Crops and Faith to New heights.

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