The Rack

From ‘The Rack’

1956 Teleplay by Rod Serling.
Defense Opening Statement by Edmond O’Brien

“…The Laws we pass are based on certain truths which we think are permanent. One of these truths is that there is a level of Morality to which all society subscribes. But now we’ve reached a point where that very morality is no longer recognized by all men; when in fact a part of mankind has set it aside so that it may threaten and twist and torture, not the body, but the mind in order to get what it wants.”

During testimony by Paul Newman’s character leading to the Closing Statement.
Edmond O’Brien –
“This program works in stages. First you create an atmosphere of terror and uncertainty. Then you take away the leaders, tear down health and morale. Infiltrate the ranks with informers and when you can’t get informers spread the word that you’ve got them anyhow.
[Turn an Army into a nightmare school and the Soldiers into small boys who depend on you for childish rewards and punishments]. Make them all lonely and distrustful. Then pick out the loneliest and go to work on him. Make him think that you alone hold the power to forgive. Then find the personal hidden key and once you’ve found it, turn it hard.
Every one of us has that key.
The Defense Rests.”

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