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I’m sure you don’t understand that you are part of the problem. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase ‘The Bigotry of Low Expectations’. This well describes the Progressive, paternalistic mind set. Many Progressives actually believe that Blacks are different; that they need special handling because they can’t handle the things everyone else handles regularly. Progressives seem to think that Blacks must be coddled and protected as if they were simple children.
The most devastating factor in the American Black Community is Democrats and other Progressives imposing their policies. Progressive policy has virtually destroyed the Nuclear Family in our Black Communities. It’s not as bad as it sounds though. There are plenty of Families living normal lives, pursuing the American Dream, that happen to be Black, or mixed. You don’t hear about these families or course. The complicit Progressive media (those I’ve come to think of as ‘Scream Stream Media’) won’t report anything on those Families; it’s not news. Media prefers Blood and Gore and Mayhem to sell ads and forward their Agenda.
You give yourself away when you broad brush Blacks as a monolithic lockstep demographic. They are people, just people.
It is Racist to make decisions and policy based on skin color.

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