As The Population Gets Older

Tens of Thousands of people are 100 years old or older.
Think about that. There will probably be more as time goes on.
Will this continue to work:
Round numbers for the math follow.
Begin working full-time age 20
Retire at 65?
Live until you’re 110?
So, you work for 45 years and expect your savings and pension to allow you to live comfortably for the same length of time that you worked?
You better work damn hard and scrupulously save and invest those savings. Even then fate can get involved.
Realistically, As the population gets older while at the same time our general health improves and life spans increase we (you, I’m already retired) will probably need to work more years.
We could get the Goobermint out of or wallets to a great degree and allow savings to increase (Savings is what Credit markets are REALLY built on).
Allow a return to a more open and free market (Yeah, I know, but there’s also no such thing as a good economy involved with Keynesian Economics).

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