Weather Alarmists

Weather Alarmists have trapped themselves. They can no more disagree with AGW Consensus (a term unrelated to any scientific method) than stop breathing.
If they were to begin thinking for themselves they would risk their Career and Livelihood. Disagreement would jeopardize Grant Money, Speaking Fees, Book Deals; they could even lose Tenure.
So? They keep plodding along, plunking down the boiler plate responses to ‘Deniers’ as they call Realists.
After all It’s just Weather. They can’t predict 5 days in advance, but want us to listen to the alarmist predictions decades away.
Scientifically, everything effects everything else to some degree.
Before committing resources, Public, or Private to mitigation of any effect that effect needs to be evaluated as to the likelihood of our being able to change that effect.
In the case of AGW the meme of ‘If just one life is saved’ is beyond moronic. It is dangerous to those who must live here in the future.
Fiscal devastation is already evident from ineffective regulation.
Of course to Progressives that just means we haven’t spent enough money on the issue and we must spend even more.

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