Myth and Consensus

Consensus is not only a term unrelated to Science it is a dangerous concept when an association with science is deemed to be real.
Thousands of people have committed to a ‘Consensus’ on AGW Anthropogenic Global Warming. Consensus is no more than opinion.
These people have committed their Careers, lives and Family’s Livelihoods to this unscientific popularity contest.
They cannot back away or they will lose Grant Money, Speaking Fees, Book Deals and many could even lose Tenure, effectively ending their careers.
Ever since East Anglia, Mickey Mann, David Suzuki, IPCC et al decided they would sculpt data so their findings would fit their preconceived conclusions their credibility in the scientific world was lost.
Once lost credibility can no longer be regained.
Real Science has not produced enough data on either side of the debate to justify billions of dollars in well intentioned mitigation.
In reality, everything effects everything else. It is the job of Science to evaluate the relationships and level of these effects. That is the only way expenditures of National level resources can possibly be justified. These evaluations have not been done. Levels of CO2 change. There has been no scientific correlation between any level of atmospheric CO2 and any temperature. There has been no scientific correlation between Delta CO2 (change in CO2 in either direction) and any Delta of Temperature range.

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