Original Intent – Election -Selection

Keep in mind that pure participatory Democracy is Mob Rule.
The Selection/Election of the three coequal Branches of Government as presented in the Constitution as ratified in 1788 by the first 9 necessary States. (9 States were the minimum for Ratification at the time; new Hampshire was the 9th).
I – The President of the United States was elected by the Electoral College (How the Electoral College functions is a separate subject).

II – The House of Representatives was envisioned as a pure Democratic Popular vote; one man one vote.
The original concept was each US Congressional district/Representative represented roughly 33,000 Citizens. Today this would mean a few thousand US Representatives. IMO so be it
I’d also suggest that in the interest of fairness (which Progressives love so much) without Gerrymandering this should be by geographical grid squares adjusted by census every ten years.

III – The US Senate is to be selected by The State Legislatures; the method of Selection is up the each State House. This gives each separate State Representation in Washington DC. This also gives each State power in the makeup of SCOTUS since The US Senate is involved with nominations by the President under Advise and Consent.
To achieve this the 17th Amendment must be abolished, returning the US Senate to State Representation in Washington DC.

IV – SCOTUS member Justices are nominated by the sitting POTUS and confirmed or rejected by the US Senate under Advise and Consent. The Chief Justice is elected by sitting SCOTUS Justices from the sitting SCOTUS Justices. This indirect function of the State Legislatures was nullified by the passing of the 17th Amendment.

These three separate methods were purposely included as part of Separation of Powers. It’s the only Foundational Framework extant that tries to lock the power over liberty and freedom into the hands of all of us, the Common Man.
Taking the powers of a Monarchy and splitting them 3 ways to be controlled by 3 separate naturally selfish groups of humans who will struggle to keep ‘THEIR’ powers.
Brilliant, eh? Using Fallen Mankind’s own natural greed To build a Framework upon which to build a real world of equal opportunities to help all and one another.

This benefit is nullified by having the Party system involved in Executive and Congressional selection.
Madison hated ‘Factions’/ Political Parties, but realizing their inevitability suggested that there be so many different equally powerful factions as to make the likelihood of agreement /collusion between then virtually impossible.

In conclusion we must remember that Our Constitution contains its own methods for changing itself.
Changes over time are inevitable and desirable as culture and society changes. It is a basic tenet though that changing the actual Foundational Framework of any structure once established and functional can (probably will) lead to its destruction.
I ask you. Has this destruction of the Framework occurred and if it has, has that destruction been intentional?

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