Political Parties Are A Disease

Political Parties. There is a Gentleman running locally for County Prosecutor; as an Independent. The part of his spiel that caught my attention was when he said, to paraphrase, “The Judiciary at any level should NOT be involved in Party Politics”
To myself, this would be EXCEPTIONALLY so at all levels of the Judiciary up to and including SCOTUS.
I know that sounds naive, but SCOTUS is charged with Ruling on the Constitutionality of Legislation and issues before Lower Courts.
No single Party should be more ‘Constitutional’ than another (even if you still believe that there are multiple major Parties, IMHO those days are long gone). The Congress was created by our Constitution to follow our Constitution.
SCOTUS Justices are of course free to have an opinion, but they are not free to impose their opinions on the rest of us. They are not free to Make Law, only to interpret through a filter founded in The framework set up by our Constitution.
That is one reason The Constitution is such a brilliant creation. It is a Framework upon which our Republic was founded and has survived until recently.
The Foundations of any structure can NOT be redesigned once the load it is designed to support is put into operation, or the load and the foundation will FAIL.

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