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Socialist Medicine, Including Canada Are Always Behind Trying To Catch Up

This is still the reason that many Canadians come South for Medical treatment; availability and waiting times. In the 50s – 60s in the US it was also much simpler to handle minor Medical with your local Physician, what changed?
Cyber Knife locations in Canada

Cyberknife Locations in the Country of Canada

(1). Centre Universitaire de Santé McGill-Glen
1001 Boulevard Décarie
Montréal, Québec H4A 3J1 Canada
Phone: +1.514.934.1934
Visit Our Website

(2). Juravinski Cancer Center (Hamilton Health Sciences)
711 Concession Street
Hamilton, Ontario L8V 1C3 Canada
Phone: +1.905.521.2100
Visit Our Website

(3). Notre Dame Hospital / Centre Hospitalize de l’Université de Montréal
1560 Sherbrooke Street East
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Phone: 514.890.8254
Visit Our Website

(4). Ottawa General Hospital
501 Smyth Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 8L6 Canada
Phone: +1.613.737.8899
Visit Our Website

Cyber Knife locations in the US. Click the link. There are too many to list here.

If interested here’s a true story. The US had a system that worked in the 50s and 60s. Our personal Family experience follows.
My Mom Teresa passed away from Cancer in 1969. She spent her last 6 or 8 weeks in what would be today called Intensive Care and finally in Hospital Hospice.
This did NOT Bankrupt our Family. I wasn’t old enough to know much about financials, but it would have been obvious if we were in Financial trouble. We weren’t.
Again, what changed between then and now? How much Cronyism has developed between Government, Pharmaceutical Corporations and Hospital Corporations? All this raising costs which are passed along to the Consumer like a hidden tax.

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