Health Care System

Another fallacy we’ve been duped into believing. ‘Health Care System’.

They want us to think that there has always been a ‘System’. The ‘System’ only exists in Progressive’s Fevered Fantasies; in their Marxist cess pool.

Healthcare didn’t approach the definition of ‘System’ until The Federal Goobermint stuck its greasy hands into the mix.
From the Post War (WWII) era (Have we ever really been ‘Post War?’ Another question for another time) anyway, from the 50s up until the mid 70s Healthcare was available more as a product. Health insurance was a Product. Today there are comparisons on Health Insurance that present the meme ‘Treat it like Car Insurance’. Even that is off the mark. It wasn’t like Car Insurance at all. It was a product like a Car. Pick the Brand you like with the features you like and fit it into the budget in which you live. You can pay more and get more, or less and get less. if you can’t afford a Car, Public Transportation is available. Public Transportation runs on its schedule, goes where it goes with connections to other public or private transport. If you need to go some place that Public Transportation doesn’t go you have to make other arrangements. There is also the decision to be made, do I really need to go someplace that’s not in my budget?
Individual answers will differ. You don’t call an ambulance because you can’t afford a taxi; an Ambulance is for emergencies. You don’t ride the bus just for the sake of riding around unless that happens to be in your disposable income.

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