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Original Intent – Election -Selection

Keep in mind that pure participatory Democracy is Mob Rule. The Selection/Election of the three coequal Branches of Government as presented in the Constitution as ratified in 1788 by the first 9 necessary States. (9 States were the minimum for Ratification at the time; new Hampshire was the 9th). I – The President of the […]

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AGW Kills

Starving people on this globe need the crops that can be grown on newly thawed land as the temperate region expands to the north.

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Except for Politicians, Hippopotami are the only mammals that fart through their mouths.

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The Captain has passed

For those who appreciate ‘diversity’, this news just in. Nov 1, 2008 Key West, Florida. One of ‘The Old Ones’ Passed. Captain Tony, famous for among other things, his ‘Establishment’ on Green Street died Saturday. Well known in the lore of Cayo Hueso right there with Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, Mel Fisher and Doc Paine he […]

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Bailout Fiasco Explained in Layman Terms

Statement of Barney Frank (D – MA):
“I want to begin by saying that I am glad to consider the legislation, but I do not think we are facing any kind of a crisis. That is, in my view, the two government sponsored enterprises we are talking about here, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not in a crisis.”

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The adage is ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ not Simple, ‘Keep ’em Stupid’. This applies to Tax Laws and Governmental Regulations. Doesn’t it seem obvious that ‘the more intricate tax laws and regulations are made, the more inspired lawyers are to find loopholes’ ? In their simplest form tax laws should be enough to bring in […]

3Oct2008 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Harry Reid is into ‘Whale Oil Futures’

Harry Reid, the mental midget who runs the US Senate, has declared that coal and oil make us sick. According to the Wizard of Odd we humans take carbon out of the ground and put it in the air and it makes us sick and it causes global warming. The same Harry Reid who could not pour water out of a bucket if the directions were written on the bottom is using his vast intelligence to tell us that all the oil and coal that we use is making us sick.

1Jul2008 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Fat Dumb & Happy

Boomers Wake Up Just because they want us Skinny, Broke & Stupid doesn’t mean we have to comply. I’m Chubby & I’m pretty happy or try to be, but I’m nowhere near as dumb as they think I am. What about You?

10Jun2008 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Should DC have a Vote in the The House?

Harry Reid has introduced legislation to give The District of Columbia a vote in the The House. I wonder how DC would vote on modern issues. S. 1257–110th Congress (2007): District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2007 (database of federal legislation)

15Sep2007 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Petraeus goes before Congress – Patriot goes before Congress

A couple of initial impressions. It’s good to occasionally see real Americans on TV. In her early career Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was my Congress Person. I’m impressed with her progress. I will attempt to separate her statement from the transcript of the full Petraeus hearing. I will obtain the full Transcript. Onward and upward then. The […]

10Sep2007 | | 0 comments | Continued
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