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They have no respect for the wisdom of others

Historical Irony. I’m amazed at the relevance of this 200+ Year passage to our Culture and Society today. Read this more than once so that you can get past the 18th Century English. “Your literary men, and your politicians, and so do the whole clan of the enlightened among us, essentially differ in these points. […]

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A Canadien Memory

Just a Canadien Memory: In the 50s and early 60s we would go to my Grandma’s about 40 klicks from Peterboro and stay on the lake, Lake Katchiwano part of the Kawartha Lakes system. Nights were chilly and I slept on the screen porch of the cottage in my sleeping bag (Which I was very […]

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WE MUST STOP using the Narrative and Scenarios of the Left

Where Conservatives are failing in the philosophical confrontation with Progressives is in their lack of response on the fronts presented, rhetorical tricks and outright lies put up by the Progressive adversary. Saul Alinsky was a Brilliant Evil, Anti Capitalist, Anti American Intellect. Never forget that. Most of his followers though are useless idiot clones. They […]

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Conservation Never Happened Before

One of the more insulting assumptions inherent in the Green Narrative is never voiced because that would make the whole Green Weenie Movement obviously irrelevant. What’s that you ask? Behind the Narrative of Algore, Green Peace, The Sierra Club and Hockey Sticks is the insipid idea that Conservation never happened before they were born and […]

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Did the collective unconscious drive the music of the 60s Revolution? Maybe it was just early.

Have any other 60s survivors wondered or noticed? Some of our music was very early. Maybe it’s time for another ‘Folk Scare’. Monterey 67 was only a minor eruption of the counter culture into the Pop Music world. It had really begun much earlier. Lately, in our present environment, with Revolution on various lips pointing […]

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Bullying has become an issue lately in our society. I don’t see it getting any better as long as Discipline and teachings about personal responsibility, delayed gratification and goal planning are withheld from our youth. Until young people are again taught specifically that they aren’t the center of the world young punks will react violently […]

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President Obama really IS Brilliant

Progressives since the 19th Century including some Presidents (most since Wilson except Eisenhower and Reagan) have been advancing their agenda toward a goal. Most of these incremental advances have been judged as inadequate especially by Conservatives looking in from the outside. Then along came Barack. In three short years he has advanced the Progressive agenda […]

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The Natural Barbarian Savagery of Large Modern Unions

Too bad Progressive underlying dogma teaches that ‘Man is born Good’ and corrupted by Environment, Republicans, Big Business and THE RICH. Hoffa 9-5-2001 uncommented on by ‘The Won’ would have us ask where the’F’ did He Come from. Whereas Conservatives Know that Humans are born Mammals and must be trained and educated to assume the […]

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Progressive Sales Seminar:

Apologies to ‘Dirty Johnny’. After Holiday Break and knowing everyone enjoyed their ‘Spring Spheres’ Nancy, Harry and Barry returned all excited about their Spring festivities. They had each endeavored to bring the joy of Progressivism to their followers while away from the Grind of 20 hour weeks and 9 AM Alarm clocks. First to expound […]

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Deficits and National Debt

Look at it this way. The projected deficits adding to the National debt at the exorbitant rate currently realized are a pretty good approximation of what Utopian Socialist Agendas REALLY COST. This is a great advertisement for stopping and DEFUNDING these agendas.

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