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As The Population Gets Older

Tens of Thousands of people are 100 years old or older. Think about that. There will probably be more as time goes on. Will this continue to work: Round numbers for the math follow. Begin working full-time age 20 Retire at 65? Live until you’re 110? So, you work for 45 years and expect your […]

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You Paranoid NWO Types almost got it right

My Friends that freak about the NWO, CFR, Tri-Laterals, Illuminati etc don’t realize how close to the mark ya’ll have come. Problem is, the Progressives, including their Overt Organizations like the UN and Covert operations which for the sake of brevity will remain Covert here, for now, have all ready approved the NWC. Have you […]

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The Dragon’s Teeth of Empire; Revisited

The Dragon’s Teeth of Empire © 2008 C. R. Ellsworth There’s been a resurgence of the Imperial elitism or Monarchist sentiment that was expunged by generations of revolution across the known world in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. There is a reason the Tsars, Caliphs, Kings, Queens and Aristocracies were deposed and dethroned, some […]

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The adage is ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ not Simple, ‘Keep ’em Stupid’. This applies to Tax Laws and Governmental Regulations. Doesn’t it seem obvious that ‘the more intricate tax laws and regulations are made, the more inspired lawyers are to find loopholes’ ? In their simplest form tax laws should be enough to bring in […]

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Fat Dumb & Happy

Fat Dumb & Happy that address the burden of tobacco consumption in low- and middle-income nations NASD: ANALYSIS OF THE PROPOSED RESOLUTION OF THE UNITED STATES TOBACCO … ReportZon

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United Nations. US Army Homepage. US Army Libraries

United Nations. US Army Homepage. US Army Libraries Directory. US Army National Guard Homepage … NASD provides information and resources that educate and … Read More… 1989, the United Nations Economic and … role in the new nation. … NASD & SIPC. MCG F. INANCIAL. P. LANNING AND. N. ATHAN. L. EWIS ARE NOT … […]

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NASD Fines HSBC Unit for Bond Violations (AP via Yahoo! Finance)

NASD Fines HSBC Unit for Bond Violations (AP via Yahoo! Finance) The National Association of Securities Dealers said it fined a U.S. brokerage unit of HSBC Holdings PLC $250,000 for failing to have adequate systems in place to supervise trading of government securities. Source: SEC penalizes companies in options probe (Los Angeles Times) Actions […]

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    • Tree Tings They're not immigrants, they're criminals by definition. Children of any citizenship belong…
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