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Tea Party in Michigan

There was a fantastic Tea Party Rally at Chassell Centennial Park put on by CCUP (Concerned Citizens of the Upper Peninsula) Saturday, just before Tax Day. Live Blue Grass and great speechifyin’. Beginning, on a beautiful sunny UP day of 60 degree light winds, with the Pledge of allegiance followed by the reading of The […]

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Health Care Options

Insurance companies CANNOT write new policies 1 year after this bill goes into effect. Might this put them out of business?

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The Dragon’s Teeth of Empire; Revisited

The Dragon’s Teeth of Empire © 2008 C. R. Ellsworth There’s been a resurgence of the Imperial elitism or Monarchist sentiment that was expunged by generations of revolution across the known world in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. There is a reason the Tsars, Caliphs, Kings, Queens and Aristocracies were deposed and dethroned, some […]

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The ‘Bailout’ is not About Saving The Auto Industry.

Washington has what it takes to take what you have. Remember, they can’t give anybody anything until they take it from you.

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Fat Dumb & Happy

Boomers Wake Up Just because they want us Skinny, Broke & Stupid doesn’t mean we have to comply. I’m Chubby & I’m pretty happy or try to be, but I’m nowhere near as dumb as they think I am. What about You?

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Should DC have a Vote in the The House?

Harry Reid has introduced legislation to give The District of Columbia a vote in the The House. I wonder how DC would vote on modern issues. S. 1257–110th Congress (2007): District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2007 (database of federal legislation)

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Judge Overturns Iowa Ban on Same-Sex Marriages – New York Times

Dallas Voice Judge Overturns Iowa Ban on Same-Sex Marriages New York Times, United States – 9 hours ago Polk County is expected to appeal the ruling to the Iowa Supreme Court. County Attorney John Sarcone said the county filed a motion for a stay from Judge … Iowa court rules same-sex couples can marry CNN […]

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Always Remember – Government always has to ‘Take’ before it ‘Gives’

Never forget – Government always has to ‘Take’ before it ‘Gives’

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Immigration Reform 101

If you came Home and your Kitchen was flooding with the faucet running, overflowing onto the floor, through the house, would you first: Grab a Mop? Grab a Plunger? Open the Doors to let the water out? Or turn the faucet off. One more point. These folks are criminals. They are not immigrants. It is […]

18Jun2007 | | 1 comment | Continued
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    • It actually goes beyond that. Disabled Veterans who have had any head injuries can also be denied their 2nd Amendment…
      Uplander | 25Mar10 | More
    • I found this also on Michele Malkin’s Blog. Cool, Uplander.
      Mort | 8Jun08 | More
    • As to the 'Separating Families' allegations, Children under 18 should remain with their parents. If the child is a…
      Eino | 27May08 | More
    • The following Pol agrees: “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf…
      LZ | 14Nov07 | More
    • Wouldn't we all be better off if they went home and stayed there. Consider that. Maybe…
      Uplander | 29Oct07 | More
    • 'independently by an office in the United Nations that specializes in...' Whoever wrote that should be a…
      LZ | 24Aug07 | More
    • Tree Tings They're not immigrants, they're criminals by definition. Children of any citizenship belong…
      Uplander | 7Jun07 | More
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